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December 30, 2006

The Finish Line

And so my bookish goal this year was to read 200 books, and mine has been a triumphant failure. A failure, because alas I’ve only managed 171, but a triumph all the same because I really don’t imagine I could have read any more than that. And I remain ambivalent about stupid reading marathons, because while I’m so glad I read all these books, I know I read some quick. Though my Great Summer Rereading Project did make up for that (and I will continue to hold such projects each summer in the future). But maybe my husband would like to see my face once in a while, rather than just my eyebrows. But it was an absolute joy to be consumed by reading, and to be consuming reading at once. The stack on my bedside was never too too overwhelming.

There is a slight chance I will get to 172 by finishing The Voyage Out by tomorrow, but I don’t think so. My NY Res is to read a mite slower this year, and I’m starting now. (I think Reading Like a Writer will help to underline my pact.) Anyway, it is with great joy that I’ve kept finding friends turned up on my doorstep the last few days, and it’s quite rude to read while hostessing.

What I have found worthwhile without a doubt, however, is keeping a list of books read. “Books Read Since 2006” says mine, and I’ll maintain it long into the future. It’s an excellent reference and archive, and like a diary of sorts. Moreover, it detects patterns I may not have noticed, and makes clear the gaps in my bookish endeavours. Though perhaps I’ve just got a thing for catalogues.

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