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December 29, 2006

Soundtrack of our Lives

There was always a radio playing somewhere when I lived in England, and I’ve got a ridiculous attachment to the soundtrack from those days. I remember getting drunk watching Pink sing “Just Like a Pill” on Top of the Pops my first weekend there, when Girls Aloud got the Christmas Number One in 2002, walking down Nottingham Road listening to “Clocks” by Coldplay on my walkman. “The Tide is High (Get the Feeling)” by Atomic Kitten, which drove me to tears of joy on one of my first dates with Stuart (though I was deranged then). Daniel Bedingfield, Sugababes, Will and Gareth. A word about my weakness– I’m totally addicted to bass. Darius and Busted (who switched on the Christmas Lights in Market Square in November 2002 and I was in the crowd). DJ Sammy, which our favourite DSS neighbour used to blast out her windows (until someone smashed them and after that the plywood panes sort of muffled the sound). Robbie Williams and “Feel”. Nelly and Kelly’s dilemma, Big Bro’s Nu Flo, and Xtina when she was dirty. Do you see? I’m absolutely obsessed. Part of it was that that time was so formative; it’s when I fell in love with my husband. Regardless, the point of all of this is my new favourite wikipedia entry: the marvelously thorough 2002 in British Music. And don’t worry, this continues into 2003, when R Kelly’s “Ignition” dominated the charts, Junior Senior with “Move Your Feet”, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas and Westlife got to number one with a cover of “Mandy.” Etc. etc. etc. Were there ever old days any gooder?

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