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November 25, 2006

Gig Songs- Update

I am compiling a list of songs about live performances. So far, the list is short. I’ve got:
Woodstock: Joni Mitchell
Rock and Roll Song: Valdy
Garden Party: Rick Nelson
Piano Man: Billy Joel
Killing Me Softly: Roberta Flack
Super Trouper: Abba (thanks CG)
Don’t Play That Song: Aretha Franklin (thanks KM)
By the Way: Red Hot Chili Peppers (thanks C-Dawg)

Who else can help? Anyone? Anyone? (By which I mean you, Bueller. Oh, and you too.)

5 thoughts on “Gig Songs- Update”

  1. The Chapatikid says:

    Don’t Play That Song – Aretha Franklin

  2. clazza says:

    down at the chinese cafe/unchained melody also by joni? not 100% sure though. there must be something by westlife or s club.

    oh – super trouper by abba ?


  3. Kerry says:

    I don’t know “Don’t Play That Song” but thanks for the referral. And Super Trouper! So perfect!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you still need these? I polled the gang:

    Smoke on the Water: Deep Purple (something about Deep Purple and Frank Zappa playing a concert somewhere, and the venue starting on fire…?) (John)

    My first rock concert — The Rheostatics (Ben)

    Rock Show — Blink182 (Becky)

    Stay–Jackson Brown (Becky)

  5. Kerry says:

    Thanks anon! (RR perhaps, suggested by the Becky?) Much appreciated.

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