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November 14, 2006

What to know?

What to know? That my back aches from shelving all the books you brought back when you finished your paper on William Morris/ Charles Dickens/ Native Residential Schools/ Islam/ Urban Sprawl. That the Dog Accessory Store I pass every day has now gone out of business, which is proof to me that capitalism sometimes works. That the Bridesmaid Dress has been picked up from its second alterations and still doesn’t fit, but will do almost comfortably (and has only set me back $270. Remind me to buy a dress off the rack next time. They always fit right away). That Mr. Warbucks is proof that the American system works, and the Bolsheviks don’t want anybody to know that. That I am excited to read About Alice by Calvin Trillin when it comes out in December. I had my Scrabble Ass kicked Sunday night by Nina and Laryn, but then again I was reponsible for “rhubarb” (and I only had to cheat one tile to get it!). That it’s going to take a miracle to get done all that needs doing in the next month, and I’ll have to shake my hand once I’ve got through.

2 thoughts on “What to know?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Calvin Trillan, too. And rhubarb. When you are done all you have to do, we will celebrate with some further board game revelry, no?

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh yes Neens. Definitely revelry. Cakey revelry. I will have to one-up “Imay”. Or at least find it a definition. Congrats again on your recent successes by the way. I was happy to hear of them. You deserve it.

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