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October 1, 2006

Dip Surfeit

Oh, a most pleasant weekend has been mine. I met with Katie on Friday evening so she could assist me in a shoe shop; I needed black heels to accompany my bridesmaid’s dress for her upcoming wedding. I got a pair I adore, and then we shared a dessert, and had a wonderful while together. Last night, we had a small gathering at ours, and I was in a determinedly hostessy state of mind and cooked for four hours in preparation. Unfortunately, I’m not a brilliant hostess and it was too late when I realized that my menu consisted of various dips and dippers, which hardly constitutes variety, no matter how scrumptious my roasted red pepper/white bean dip was. So I made mini bruschetta-like pizzas, and cupcakes too, and drank enough wine that I forgot to worry about it. Topic of the evening focussed mainly upon what must have been going on back in Gomorrah. Sodom- pretty straight-forward- but I can’t imagine what they must have got up to down in G-Town. I missed Nuit Blanche, but that’s because I couldn’t figure out what it was. And now we’re about to embark upon an autumnal walk. It’s not raining at the mo, which is strange for a Sunday.

Nick Hornby on public reading. Belinda likes sex.

I’ve displayed excellent restraint this weekend, and have saved myself from the Victoria College Booksale. I am going tomorrow, which is half-price day, and then I can spend spend spend without a hint of remorse.

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