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June 30, 2006

Congratulations to Stuart!

Congratulations to my brilliant husband Stuart, who, as of June 30th, has lived in Canada for one year. And who, thanks to bureaucratic inefficiency, is still on a tourist visa. Here is photographic evidence, however, that he has used the past year to become well initiated with our nation’s ways.

*UPDATE: In honour of Stuart’s anniversary and the fact of Canada Day tomorrow, let’s link to this article in The Globe today by a Canadian-via-New Zealand. I am a fervid anti-nationalist, so not down with patriotism and you’ll rarely catch me waving a flag, but I must admit to getting quite emotional at displays of national pride by those who have chosen to live here. As opposed to the rest of us, of course, who were just really lucky, and should be grateful more than proud of anything.

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