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June 20, 2006

The Mini Break

Stuart and I have a remarkable ability to have hilarious fun in even the most desolate places. Luckily this weekend didn’t need to test our skills. We had a wonderful time without even trying. We started out on The Apple Route, beginning at The Big Apple in Colbourne, which I have been driving past most of my life, and never ventured into. It was so odd, but funny. First, it was the second “World’s Biggest” attraction we have been to, after The World’s Biggest Rice Paddle in Miyajima, Japan. Second, what do you see from the lookout atop the world’s largest apple? The answer is nothing, which is why numerous people have evidently felt the need to spontaneously urinate in frustration, which is why the top of The Big Apple smells like pee. Disappointing, perhaps. But I learned that apples came to Canada in the 17th century from somewhere near the Caspian Sea, we ate some delicious apple pie, bought an apple spoonrest from the World’s Biggest Gift Shop, saw some llamas, and then we were off again! We stopped in Brighton for lunch, to commemorate last year’s wonderful honeymoon in Brighton, UK. And Brighton Ontario was amusing. Tourist information was in the same building as The Beer Store, Adult Literacy Centre and the police. We had one of those incredible small town meals of a BLT and fries that tastes like nothing else and you can get everywhere. We went to the Memory Junction Railway Museum and saw a locomotive! And then we drove on again. We entered Prince Edward County and followed The Taste Trail over the next day or so, visiting wineries, cheese factories, jam makers, eating homemade ice cream, and gourmet hotdogs! It was great. We stayed at a lovely B&B, had a great meal out Saturday night, took in the gorgeous sights of Prince Edward County (truly a marvelous example of how a region can successfully market itself too- one of the best in-canada trips I’ve ever taken), and swam in Lake Ontario on Saturday, even though it was freezing. We definitely proved our Northern Stock. Stopped in Port Hope on the way home, where we stumbled upon a British tea room, just as I was longing for one ala the brilliant Mock Turtle in Brighton UK. This place wasn’t as good, but in Canada, I can’t complain. Cup of tea and a scone with jam. I was pleased. We arrived home last night exhausted and so happy, and well aware of what a wonderful country in which we live.

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