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May 14, 2006

And I do believe I love you…

Friday night began with a visit from an ice cream truck, and we rushed outside for a sweet treat. Then a call from friends to meet for drinks, and we partook in that just as happily. Saturday morn was a grocery shop and the purchase of a new teapot (the old one was disintegrating into our cups of tea, which we didn’t figure was healthy). And then Curtis made us brunch and we got it in our heads to clean up the porch, so we did, and then we sat our and drank beer, all Portuguese like. Nothing is quite as entertaining as watching the world go by, really. Life is a walking reality TV show. And then we went to Kensington for fruit and veg, and they played “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick in some place we walked past, and I’ve been humming it since. Tonight I finished Giving Up the Ghost (stunning) and started Democracy by Joan Didion, which I like so far.

And now, for either your educational pleasure or an opportunity to scoff at my stupidity, here are words I’ve written down from the last few books I read, because I did not know their definitions:
Putative: reputed, supposed
Molybdenum: a silver white brittle metallic transition element occurring naturally in molybdenite and used in steel to give strength and resistance to corrosion.
Fatuous: silly, purposeless
Exculpatory: freeing from blame
Lacunae: something missing or left out
Compunction: Uneasy conscience or feeling of remorse
Etiolate: to make a plant lose colour, to render something lost of vigour or substance
Intransigence: stubborness, the quality of being uncompromising
Persiflage: banter
Exhort: to urge or advise strongly
Maurice Vellacott: Idiot.

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