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May 5, 2006


The other exciting thing about today is that I played catch on my lunch break! The other two girls who will be a part of our team haven’t started yet, and so this week I was the only girl at work. This was not a problem however, and everyone was extraordinarily nice and fun. I found myself giggling hysterically a fair bit, which is always a good sign. Anyway, today everyone went to play catch at lunch time. I tagged along, even though I haven’t tossed or caught a ball in years. And you know, I wasn’t terrible. Sometimes it’s really wonderful to do new things (or at least really old things). I was loving it, and my catching was alright. My throwing was a bit crap, but everyone was very nice about it. So I was sort of on top of the world, tossing the ball around the UC Back Campus and feeling all collegiate, even in my old age. Having never had a brother, I still get a kick out of playing with boys. But I was borrowing someone’s glove, so I dropped out before too long so he could have a chance to catch without using his bare hands. I tossed him the glove, and went off to side on the sidelines and read my book. And as I walked away, I heard them say, “Let’s use the real ball now!” and then they proceed to hurl throws that would have sent me cowering, covering my pretty face with my hands in mortal fear.

In further news, Baroque-A-Nova by Kevin Chong was wonderful. First, physically speaking it was really well-designed. And it was an absolutely enjoyable novel, and I would like to recommend it to boys and girls everywhere (though most specifically those who live in Canada). What I especially loved about this novel (as opposed to other books by young “first novelists”) was that the character “Saul” was not Kevin Chong. I felt as though he had specifically gone out of his way to make this not the case, which did not come across as trying to hard in the text, but rather Saul’s character was wonderfully developed in a way it would not have been had this been an auto-bio in the guise of a novel. Now reading Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson.

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