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May 2, 2006

Rabbit fluff

Today I learned a very tragic lesson about angora and fuzz. I didn’t even know it was angora (only 20% according to the label) but now I know why my new cardigan was on sale at The Gap. Bollocks!! I’ve scoured the internet, which suggests angora should go in the freezer before wearing to prevent shedding and should only be coupled with like-coloured underclothing. Bollocks indeed!! At least my new red shoes have proved utterly undisappointing. With them on my feet, I am well capable of flight I think. And yes, today I rejoined the world of 9-5, 365 days after finishing my last full-time job. It was fine. But I am quite zonked.

Last night I was a guest of Erin at the World Premiere of Booky Makes Her Mark at the Sprockets Film Festival for Children. Coming soon to your local CBC station, this film was fabulous, perhaps the best Canadian film I have EVER seen, and true to the wonderful books that were its inspiration. Moreover, Megan Follows (aka Anne of Green Gables) played the mother in the movie. More moreover, Megan Follows was there last night. Exactly. Last night I was in the same room as Anne of Green Gables, with an audience of children who had the audacity to ask if she’d been in any films other than Booky Makes Her Mark. Foolish children. She remains plucky and redheaded, and absolutely beautiful. What a brush with stardom!

Stuart is demanding that I come and share with him in David Caruso’s goodness, even while Jane Jacobs beckons. Stuart will win, I suppose.

I am writing a new short story. It’s autobiographical and full of lies!!

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