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April 30, 2006

Hi Curtis. Let's have dinner soon!

The latest Guardian Poetry Workshop Exercise is up. Writers on pictures of women reading here. Here for the places in Toronto that mattered to Jane Jacobs. An excellent piece here on the necessity of The Orange Prize. On a sidenote, I’ve given up being bothered by men not reading books written by women, because quite frankly, I haven’t read a single novel written by a man this year (unless it was prescribed by school). This has not been done deliberately, and I do have David Gilmour’s A Perfect Night to Go to China on hold at the library in order to begin rectifying this deficiency on my part. But there are just so many brilliant books being published by women writers lately that I am thoroughly engaged reading them, and I figure the women can’t be doing all bad because it’s a known fact that women buy more books than men, so perhaps they’re selling more books than men too? Which doesn’t mean the Orange doesn’t matter of course. I’m just sort of starting to prefer the ghetto all around.

3 thoughts on “Hi Curtis. Let's have dinner soon!”

  1. Curtis says:

    BBQ? I’ve got hockey tonight but maybe tuesday?

  2. curtis says:

    oh and i’m not a stalker, i swear!

  3. Kerry says:

    I know! BBQ would be ace. Anytime…

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