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February 23, 2006

My brilliant friends

I’m fortunate to have met some incredibly brilliant friends in my time (like say Erin or Mike, not to mention those who don’t maintain weblogs). I would like to introduce another of my amazing comrades, Ms. Natalie Bay. We met about four years ago while both working as tour guides in Ottawa, right before I moved to England. We met up again about two years after that as we were both working in Japan at the same time, though at that point Natalie was finishing up the Nippon life and on her way to live in England. Good news is that we’re getting together next week, but also that her website is wonderful. She is a very talented photographer, as her photos of Ghana and Japan will attest. Plus, the Japanese pictures bring back some beautiful memories.

In other wonderful people news (anyone tell I’ve been into the wine?) we had such a lovely dinner downstairs with Curtis. He’s a great guy, and cooked us a good meal. He and Stuart get along really well (they’re still down there) and I think we’re really lucky to have him for a neighbour. We’ve decided to make our dinner fetes-semi regular.

See you apres Ottawa. My cousin’s boyfriend is French Canadian and I have an appalling tendency to desecrate his language constantly in his presence. Il m’embrasse avec la lange mais je n’ais pas les sentiments pour lui. Indeed.

One thought on “My brilliant friends”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kerry I seem to remember you enjoying extra nuts on your sundaes!!!! and hamburgers with only tomato or mustard – I forget which. If you have free time when you are in Ottawa, I would love to see you and catch up – I saw your wedding pics and you were, of course, stunning.
    – the other Erin

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