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February 22, 2006

Minibreak Countdown!

Bookishy, I enjoyed this article by a school librarian, about the importance of “Weeding, culling, planting and reaping” book collections, just like a garden. I definitely found that to be the case when I sold over 150 books at a sale this July, and gave away many more. My library seemed healthier as a result, and of course it cleared the way for new growth.

Leah McLaren’s latest feud continues with this apology in The Star for the pretty awful review they published of her new book. And a new Scandal in Bookland!! Apparently a lot of Zadie Smith’s fictional White Teeth was MADE UP OF LIES!

Today I read One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty. Now I am going to start Fight Club, which Stuart has been urging upon me for three and a half years. And I am very much enjoying Woolf in Ceylon, but it will be slow going because it’s too heavy to take out of the house. In other exciting news, Robbie Williams’ Greatest Hits have found their way into my possession!

And Thursday morn we’re off to Ottawa for three wonderful days. And though busses are a poor second to trains, I am very much looking forward to being en-route with Stuart. We journey well together, him and I, no matter where we’re going. And we’ve gone a bit mad with snax for the road and magazines (the Vanity Fair is SO boob-laden, it’s gross!) but you’ve got to pass ten hours somehow. And we’ll stay with my cousin and her boyfriend, and it will just be so nice to be somewhere new. And while we’re there, I am not going to think about school work at all!

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