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December 11, 2005

Oh Tenenbaum, you're a wild and crazy guy

The end of a long fiasco. I wasted last evening needles in hand, watching “Bounce” starring the legendary Paltrow and Affleck. We went shopping this morning and found nothing we needed. Downtown Toronto is devoid of nanaimo bar ingredients. Someone has stolen all the bolts from the Christmas tree stands at WalMart and of course we were actually in WalMart. All the trees were either bundled or the Charlie Brown Special at the store near our house. We finally located a stand at the local mom and pop, and took our chances on a bundled tree. (We swore we would love it no matter how it turned out). Still no nanaimos though. And of course I haven’t even started my essay (though I have written the title and my name and that’s a start technically) but perhaps now I can concentrate on it. Christmas is officially here at Pickle Me This! See below for our freshly knit stockings and our rather lovely tree (which doesn’t yet have anything atop it but there will be time).

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Now reading “Pearls in Vinegar” by Heather Mallick, which I am enjoying but only because I am obsessed with Heather Mallick. Those without Mallick obsessions would be far from interested. I also read “Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing” by Margaret Atwood (which I could pretend pertained to my essay) which was good. And finally reading “A Fine Old Conflict” by Jessica Mitford, which is odd because I haven’t read a Mitford bio since the Mitford obsession of 2003 and I feel as though I have gone back in time.

Now preparing for our Christmas party. If I haven’t invited you, considered yourself invited anyway. There is going to be a lot of food! Paul and Bronwyn are coming home this week, Bronwyn with her Alex and Paul sans his lovely girl so we’ll have to console him (with a lot of food!).

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