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October 7, 2005

Miffy Enjoys Singapore Airlines

This page has been crying for a picture, and as nothing photographical has happened of late, we will remember Miffy’s flight. You may note that this photo was taken in Japan where our Miff is ubiquitous, and the passenger to Miffy’s left has a Miffy neckrest.

Speaking of Japan, I got a package in the post yesterday from a former student. She sent me a box full of Japanese cookies (oishi) and a wall hanging that she had made. It was the first package the had ever come in the mail for me with patterned wrapping paper and a bow on the outside.

I continue to be so busy. However paper for Spring Comes Suddenly has been purchased. Did I mention we’re going to the Toronto Small Press Book Fair? You should come too!

Gleanings: At Maud Newton, a take on the Harpers Ben Marcus corrects J. Franzen article. Guardian books is obsessed with poetry. Andrea Levy notes the influence of Coronation Street in shaping her storytelling. I take this as meaning I can watch Eastenders for homework.

And congrats to Tom and Katie! Pickle Me This is going to be following their pregnancy closely. Heaven forbid Katie goes the Marie Osmond in the closet route, because of course she’ll be dealing with her postpartum depression with vitamin c tablets. And now she’s been banned from making noise during the birth, under John Travolta’s recommendation. When I marry a man old enough to be my teenage dad, I want to be a scientologist too.

One thought on “Miffy Enjoys Singapore Airlines”

  1. Miffa says:

    I always use to travel with my nijntje.

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