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September 20, 2005

I refuse to jump out of airplanes

My spirit is alive with the joys of summer in mid-September. This week is better in every way than the last, and no animals have chased me lately in any of my dreams. Last night I was supposed to jump out of an airplane, but became obstinately principled about that- that I wouldn’t- and so my mother did instead, and really you can do with that what you will.

In my new class, there is a wonderful girl called Lindsay who owns Puddle Press and who seems to regard creativity as a lifestyle. She makes clothes into poems and I think would understand why I enjoy writing poetry about the Mitfords. Anyway, she is coordinating The Toronto Small Press Book Fair, and I am signing up Pickle Me This. It’s October 29th, and will be incentive to make the haiku book happen, and get the word out about the book of poems about knitting because I think there is (an albeit selective) group of people who would be really interested in that. Anyway, we’ve got our artistic visionary in search of a logo, and now the Japanese text is scanned and I have to do only a couple of more things with the lay-out. Now we get to start thinking about paper! (The things that thrill me are getting more and more dorky).

In other news, my story was workshopped yesterday. It was the first chapter of my novel and the feedback was really inspiring. I know there is something lacking there and it’s nice to be told (asked?) what to do with it. The dynamic yesterday was cool and I am entirely enamoured with school, as my Virginia Woolf class today was nothing short of sensational. With relief, I realise, I remember how to go to school! (In fact perhaps I do it better now).

(Yesterday Stuart worked at RMH. He left before me, and I wrote “I love you!” on our white board. Being apart is weird. Really, since we’ve met we’ve had more or less the same hours, and lived the same life and then this summer we were joined at the hip (blissfully) for over four months, and now days apart seem tragic. Anyway, I came home to an empty house, but he’d been in and written “I love you too” below, and it was incredibly touching. When you’re together all the time, there is less physical evidence of your relationship. It was really nice.)

OH GOD! Peggy Mitchell is back on Eastenders!! I hope my mother-in-law is recording this.

I now have a date with Souvankham Thammavongsa.

One thought on “I refuse to jump out of airplanes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes I am recording.Would I deprive you .Sue

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