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July 22, 2005

Canadian Summertime

We’ve had a busy week, which required us to swim in lakes daily. Our two day break at the Delawana was amazing. Our room was beautiful with a screened in porch and a jacuzzi. We canoed and kayaked, and it was very upscale Butlins, with a Rock and Roll Tribute show. Alan Thicke was a guest a few weeks ago, so you know it’s a good place. It is and we had a wonderful time. I am enjoying showing Stuart Canadian summertime. He was on corn-watch all the way home, but alas it is early in the season so there was none yet available at the roadside. We’ll keep an eye out. In other news, I was kidnapped on Thursday and taken to another bridal shower! This was thrown by Britt’s mom and our neighbour, and there were so many people there. It was lovely to have all these women come together to celebrate a new marriage, and I think such traditions are an excellent feature of our society. Anyway, I have been terribly out of the loop and mad novel reading as the summer is passing me by and my stack of novels to be read remains a large stack.

Here, on how porn has infiltrated everyday life, magazines Zoo and Nuts as evidence. I find embarrassing what those magazines say about the society I live in, and agree that young boys (and girls) are going to have increasing warped ideas about sexuality. Here, on looking for ladies in the Vatican- in the archives for records of those who wrote in Latin. Here, Ivor Tossell keeps us abreast of what’s sweeping the nation this week (and it ain’t happy slapping). Very funny, via Bookninja, a critique of authors’ acknowledgement pages. Russell Smith asks if Harry Potta and his friends are indicative the loss of distinction between culture and youth culture? He also doesn’t appear to like books with more than one woman. Cool! Top 10 “On the move” books, including “The Summer Book” by Tove Janssen.

We took a boat ride with some Americans this morning. They were really lovely, but I really noticed such a difference between their response to the London terror attacks and other Canadians and Britons I’ve spoken to. It’s really so much more of a personal issue for them. We distance ourselves from it, perhaps because we can and from the few words we exchanged about it, they definitely can’t.

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