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April 19, 2005

Addicted to raisins

I liked Ian Jack’s article here on the media as a “dictatorship of grief”, reflecting on response to the deaths of Diana and the Pope. I really want to read Chernobyl Strawberries by Vesna Goldsworthy. I’ve been reading up on America lately, first from The Star: How to succeed in Bush’s White House. It seems it’s not about success at all but suckiness. Isn’t that John Bolton terrible? Speaking of terrible, why is anyone opposed to the emergency contraceptive pill? And while we’re on about the zealots of piety and the bullshit crusade, how about this little expose on Washington’s most devout citizens? (On the disgustingly-wretched-by-any-moral-standard Mr. DeLay: I’ll never understand born-again Christians, who mess up royally before they find God, and then believe themselves to be more righteous than those of us who were smart enough by our own accord never to make their mistakes in the first place.)

This weekend we are off to Miyajima to stay here! This mini-break has been a long time coming and we’re really excited. I am also addicted to raisins.

One thought on “Addicted to raisins”

  1. Lady CC says:

    i am so jealous – i super wanted to go there. i am also strangely addicted to raisins/figs/dates and other varieties of dried fruit.

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