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April 8, 2005

Hanami Afternoon

The freakin weekend has passed all too quickly. Yesterday we went to Kobe Harborland and met my friend Katch for lunch. We went to this fabulous restaurant with an all-you-can eat bread buffet. We actually weren’t sure if it was all-you-can-eat, but we treated it as such. This is what happens when you set foreigners loose at a bread buffet. It was comically embarrassing when they had to bring another plate, as all our bread couldn’t possibly fit on the three we’d been allotted. We each had an exquisite lunch. I am deeply going to miss Japanese lunch sets- they’re phenomenal. We did prikura and then said good bye to Katch and walked for ages to Motomachi to supplement my soup habit, and then farther to Sannomiya to get the train home. I was exhausted by then. A backpack full of soup will do that to you. Last night we hit karaoke and it was great. Stuart was very supportive, and duetted with me to “Almost Paradise- Love Theme From Footloose” and “Always” by Atlantic Starr. In cooler tunes, Hush by Kula Shakur was fantastic. This morning, Stuart went to the gym and I stayed home, presumably to make good use of my time but instead I fell into yet another of my infamous and socially embarrassing scrapes, though I don’t want to talk about it. I spent the morning neither writing, working out or cleaning my apartment, but rather clutching my head with idiot angst. We left the house around 1:00 but had to come home after one as it was so warm, and I hate wearing jeans when it’s hot outside. It was cotton capris and a sleeveless top, and sandals. Welcome to summer. We went up to the castle and the blossoms were out in full force, absolutely beautiful. We sat on a bamboo mat under the trees, drank and blissed. I played a little guitar and it was truly lovely. Baskin Robbins and more prikura after that. Needless to say, this weekend was an exercise in pleasure.

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